Be the best prepared person in the room

The who in a pitch matters as much as the what. Who are you pitching? What motivates them? How can you tailor your pitch to authentically connect and build rapport?



Superbrief creates beautifully designed, in-depth briefs on the people you're pitching. We summarize relevant work history, prior projects, thought leadership, media appearances, and more in a scannable, actionable format.

Know what kind of projects they've created, produced and what they're currently obsessed with. Know their creative patterns and collaborators.

Pitching your show?

Knowing where they've worked isn't enough. Know what motivates a potential client, and what they're most proud of. Know their passion.

Pitching your expertise?

Know how they feel about your space. Bring your intel about the firm, partner and investments into one beautiful collaborative place. 

Pitching your startup?

Who are the subjects?

Tell us the name and company of each subject (person) you're prepping to pitch. As soon as you hit submit, our system works to confirm we're researching the right people and companies. We NEVER share your identity, or who you're researching with any third parties. 



By when?

Prioritizing and delivering the highest quality people research takes expertise, process and technology . For this reason, we double confirm subjects and "need by" dates. Once we process your payment, your delivery date is guaranteed and locked in.



Ready to rock.

Once your Superbriefs are ready, you'll be notified and receive a link to an online folder. If you are a Premium subscriber, briefs will appear in your account as collaborative, annotatable documents plus be available for automatic integration into your CRM. Email us to learn more about Premium subscriptions.



"Building a rapport in a pitch and focusing my narrative has never been so easy. 

I'm addicted to Superbrief."



"This has become an important part of how we prepare for both investor and strategic partnership meetings. 100X better than Linkedin by itself "


Startup Founder

"I run a talent agency and have spent years helping my team understand that getting the meeting for our clients is JUST the start. Helping them win the pitch is the real job. Superbrief does exactly that"

Talent Agency Owner


Quietly powering pitches in all kinds of places

We've made it easy to get started with a single brief and even easier to get massive value once you decide your organization needs more Superbrief and more functionality.

Plans and pricing



Delivered via shared folder


Every Week

Get up to 10 Superbriefs for only $19 per brief PLUS as-needed briefs for only $25/brief


Via Web

Delivered via shared folder


Collaboration with Team

Via Web


Every Day

Get up to 40 Superbriefs for only $9 per brief PLUS as-needed briefs for only $20/brief


Delivered via shared folder


Collaboration with Team

Integration with CRM

Order each brief needed. Per brief pricing improves as number of briefs per order increases. No account needed to get started.

Order a single brief for $39



If you're serious about winning every pitch, prepare like it.

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